there is nothing like looking back into your photos and TRAVELING back in time to relive and enjoy the moment the camera shutter closed and preserved a breath of time.

My name is Patrick pickett and I have studied photography and videography for more than 7 years. I have participated in the Look 3 Photo Festival in charlottesville, VA and have attended several workshops with direct training from National Geographic photographers, Award winning portrait photographers and cinematographers alike. my Expertise is in various media formats to include: 35mm, medium format, crop sensor, and cinema cameras of digital and Standard film.

Since relocating to mobile, alabama, I have ACHIEVED Over 3 years of experience at CALAGAZ Photo of mobile, alabama. i earned technical trainings and certifications with Sony, fujifilm and canon. I have also Enjoyed as a Hobby photographing high end vehicles for over 7 years.

I opened pickett media group to be able to provide you with a wonderful experience filled with happiness and joy. my wife and i are pleased to be able to share our unique and god-given talents and vision with you.

All About The Story

All About The Story

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